INS OFFENE..! is the music festival of the new generation. It presents outstanding young musicians in flexible ensembles in interaction with artists of other genres such as dance, electronics, acting or video art. Together we want to make classical music an experience through new forms of events. We see INS OFFENE..! as a greenhouse of innovative approaches and as a bridge to a multimedia concert experience of the future.




Large orchestra concerts in full concert halls were unthinkable in the summer of 2020. The youth orchestra festival “Young Euro Classic” in Berlin was in danger of being cancelled. At short notice, a 10-day “replacement festival” was conceived that was dedicated to young chamber music ensembles. It quickly became clear to everyone involved that this would provide an important forum for young musicians – music students who were threatened with having the ground pulled out from under their feet by Corona. The artistic quality of the concerts was great and moving; it caused extraordinarily positive surprises.

This success did not remain hidden, and the idea was born to further develop a new festival with young musicians in individual ensembles and innovative program ideas with partner organizations and to present it also outside of Berlin. 

Since then, further editions of INS OFFENE..! have taken place:

  • Kultursommer Nordhessen, 2021 and 2022, 6 concerts each.
  • Villa Musica Rheinland-Pfalz, 2021, 8 concerts
  • Konzerthaus Blaibach, 2021, 9 concerts


In January 2023, thanks to the support of the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe, we have the opportunity to present INS OFFENE..! as a new independent festival in Berlin for the first time.


The musical participants of the festival are exclusively young musicians who, after completing their studies, are in an orientation phase of independent artistic initiatives (soloist, trio, quartet, ensemble, etc.).

The focus in the selection of musicians is on freelance musicians and ensembles as well as graduates/alumni of our partner institutions (Hanns Eisler, UdK, Karajan Academy, Barenboim-Said, Villa Musica, etc.). In this way, we create prospects for aspiring artists and, at the same time, a platform for the institutions to maintain connections with the graduates and to set positive impulses.


The programming of the festival concerts is a central part of the idea of INS OFFENE..! Young, and up-coming ensembles develop program concepts with curators from other genre areas (e.g. visual arts, electronics, theater, design). The program concepts are free in their interpretation, but should be based on the festival’s main theme (2023: Dreams). The invited curators are internationally renowned representatives of their fields. We hope that the interdisciplinary approach and the connection of genre areas will not only lead to new concert experiences but also to a “crossing” of the audience. Within INS OFFENE..! classical music lovers meet theater or techno fans.