Bowrain (1983, Ljubljana) is a Slovenian composer, pianist, and music producer. He received his music education at the Conservatorium of Rotterdam and Amsterdam as well as at the Temple University, Philadelphia, USA. In 2014, he released his debut album Far Out, followed in 2017 by the album Distracted, and in 2020 his last live album project 2020 Seconds Alive. His latest album entitled Not Exactly Lost, was released in 2022 in a collaboration with Slovenian musician and painter Luka Uršič – KALU. Apart from albums, he has released several singles and several EP’s. He performed internationally in Europe, United States and South Africa.

Apart from creating his own music, Bowrain has composed music for several works in the field of visual, performing arts and theatre. In October 2022 he composed music for Slovenian national ceremonial day in collaboration with slovene film and theater director Damjan Kozole. Between 2020–2021 he performed at Ljubljana’s Gallus Hall of Cankarjev Dom together with pianist and composer Vollmaier. In 2015 he was a performer and a composer for the project UTTER / The violent necessity for the embodied presence of hope by JAŠA, presented in the Slovenian Pavilion of 56th Venice Art Biennial (IT). Bowrain is currently based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.