Kateryna Nikolenko (born on June 10, 1990 in Kiev,Ukraine) received art education at the University of Applied Arts and Design in Kiev in 2013. She studied in the department of monumental and decorative painting. The leading teacher of the subject Composition Oleksandr Oliynyk has awakened in Kate the ability to fantasize, think images and turn them into a composition. 

Her subjects are as varied as the way they are presented. Mostly symbolic, conceptual, surrealistic compositions that deal with the psychology of people with each other and their interaction with nature.

Nikolya’s compositions also reflect her inner feelings, somewhat gloomy and not optimistic, but with the belief that this art has a right to be and live.

Since 2013 Kate has participated in Ukrainian state exhibitions, competitions and thematic exhibitions. In 2019 she presented a personal exhibition titled Images in the studio Master Class

Due to the war in her native country, she had to leave it and lives in Berlin since March 2022.