Denis Davydov (b. 1985, Tashkent, Uzbekistan), a multimedia and CGI artist. He holds a BA in Design from the Tashkent Institute of Architecture and Construction (2008). In his freshman year, he received an award from Render Re, an independent community of CGI artists. In 2012, his project Units of Lust was presented at the group exhibition of the SYE Foundation at the Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris. After establishing his career as an independent computer graphics artist, Davydov joined the N3 agency, developing CGI content for brands such as Microsoft, CCTV, Samsung, NBC, Ford and Bloomberg. Davydov’s projects have received more than 10 Adobe Behance awards in the “Editors’ Choice” and “3D Gold” categories. In 2020, Davydov founded Instigators, a group of art practitioners and crypto enthusiasts united by the NFT study. 

In his recent works, Denis Davydov explores the migration of the symbolic heritage of the early and late Internet era and eclectic visual images of Central Asia into the modern reality of late capitalism in its death throws. Davydov develops the plot of retroactive nostalgia for the rapidly disappearing image of national cultures, primarily Uzbek, Azerbaijani and Tajik, and is interested in the clash of historical narratives and fictions of cultural authenticity of the XX century and craft tradition with new media and analysis of the NFT culture.